What to expect at St. Columba

St. Columba has always been an inclusive place of change and of trying new things.
We’ve been in Pointe-Claire since 1953, but a lot has changed over the years!


We welcome people from all different spiritual views and we look forward to welcoming you.


Worship leaders write their own prayers, seasonal groups plan creative worship, and the choral group sings on special occasions (not every Sunday).


We don’t have all the answers – in fact, we have more questions than answers – but we invite you to join us on a journey of faith!


We like to try new things in worship and are friendly and we dress casually.

Safe Place

We adhere to a “Leading with Care” policy, so our place is safe for children, youth and vulnerable adults.


We use multimedia and are pretty relaxed during worship, though we take God’s love seriously.

Join us for worship on Sundays at 10 a.m. in person
or through live stream


We are called to love, respect and value God’s world
and all the people who inhabit it.
Our community is strengthened and enriched
by the full inclusion of people of all ages, races, abilities,
sexual orientations, gender identities, spiritual perspectives,
and socioeconomic backgrounds.
Everyone is invited to travel with us
as we each explore our journeys of faith,
whether the path is clear or winding, easy or exhausting,
or sometimes just feels like it is going round in circles.
Together, we work to make our community one
where God’s love is truly known.



The Session and Leadership of St. Columba-by-the-Lake Presbyterian Church affirms marriage as a covenant union of two adult persons before God. In accordance with the policy of the Presbyterian Church in Canada and in keeping with the spirit of our Welcome Statement, we will gladly entertain inquiries from all couples wishing to celebrate their marriage with us. Please contact the church for further information!