St. Columba’s Food Ministry

Community Outreach
Through Food

At St. Columba, we believe that food is a vital focus that connects us to one another and to God, and through it we can offer hospitality to a hungry community. Hunger is not limited to the need for food; many hunger for community, meaning, authenticity, support, and direction. When we share food, we share something important about ourselves. When we gather to eat together, we form a community.
As St. Columbans, we receive nourishment for our hunger when we know that we are loved by God, when we work together, and when we know that we are a part of a community that cares about us. We seek to share that sense of nourishment with others.

Maywood Luncheons


We live in a community where seniors often go hungry.

Since 2016, St. Columba’s Food Ministry has been providing a monthly luncheon at the Edwin-Crawford Senior’s Residence. The project has grown into a true community building success story incorporating both individuals and organizations in providing food items, volunteers, as well as entertainment and informative presentations.

St. Columba Gardens

In 2017 the Food Ministry was the recipient of a $15,000 grant from TD Bank’s “Friends of theEnvironment Foundation.”

We proceeded to create our “Community Harvest Garden,” consisting of 8 raised garden beds which are made available to the community.

Additionally, to these raised beds, we also have a large garden situated on the green space south of the property. This bed is used to grow produce which is used in the preparation of meals for our various food events such as First Fridays and the Maywood Luncheons.

With the pandemic restricting some of these events, the garden harvest was primarily donated to our local food bank, the West Island Mission.

Marché St Columba

St. Columba’s main fund-raising event is the Marché St. Columba. Due to COVID restrictions, what used to be a fun-filled, in-person event was revamped into two, separate pre-order Marchés, where customers order from an on-line catalogue, and then at their allotted time slot, come to the St. Columba parking lot for a non-contact pickup. Once again, this year, the Marchés will follow the same pattern. Click here to view our October Online Catalogue/Order Form. A second one will be sent out in mid-November, with pickup times on the weekend of December 3 & 4.

The majority of the preparations for the Marchés take place every Monday and Wednesday during the fall and involve as many volunteers as possible, adhering to COVID guidelines to ensure safety for all. Although, we miss the in-person aspect of the Marchés of the past, we continue to use the fundraising event as an opportunity to build community within St. Columba and with the larger community outside our walls.


First Fridays


Before Covid-19 appeared, “First Fridays” was held on the 1st Friday of the month, October – June (except Nov. & Jan.), 5:30 – 8:30 pm

Each month, everyone from the community was invited for an evening of wholesome, tasty food, activities for children, and the warmest of welcomes. All who participated went home full of sustenance for body & soul.

As we come out of pandemic, we are thinking about new ways to connect with our community throughfood. Keep an eye on this page for news.


If you have any questions about St. Columba’s food ministry please contact the Food Ministry Coordinator, Nadia Prevost, at