Meet our New Food Ministry Coordinator

Meet Nadia Prevost, the newest member of St. Columba by-the-Lake’s team. Nadia will be developing our food ministry through which we will be offering the community opportunities to connect through all aspects of food – growing, cooking,preparing, sharing, and eating. We believe that food is not only essential to life, but that sharing it is essential to the spiritual life.

Nadia’s passion for good, organic food led her into a 8 year partnership as co-owner of Vegecuisine, a natural foods wholesaler and retailer, in the Outremont area. Since having children and moving back to

Nadia Prevost

the West Island, she has maintained her desire to strengthen community through the West Island
Women’s Centre where she served as Chair of the Board of Directors from 2007 to 2012. As
such, she was instrumental in negotiating the Women’s Centre’s move to St. Columba two years
ago. Nadia is an enthusiastic, energetic, and motivated woman who will combine her love of
food and community with St. Columba’s vision of opening our church to the community. Check our website frequently to see what activities are being planned.