Healing Journey – Spring Cleanse

Healing Journey – SPRING CLEANSE (7-week course)

Join us for a powerful Mind-Body cleanse using breath, movement and
meditation, to feel rejuvenated from the inside out. Why do we need to cleanse?
Over the years toxins accumulate in our systems from various sources such as
stress hormones, undigested food, physical and emotional trauma, polluted air
and water, noise levels and toxic relationships. Every day our body tries hard to
eliminate the backlog, sometimes leading to exhaustion and illness. The
cleansing process helps the body’s natural capacity to eliminate or neutralize
toxic material and remove unwanted debris.
Spring is the perfect time to detoxify and cleanse the body as we awaken to the
energies of freshness and new growth all around us. Expect more vim, vigor and
vitality through better digestion, glowing skin and increased energy. Each week
will highlight an organ, system and chakra (energy center) in the body that is
responsible for cleansing, such as lung, kidney, colon, intestine, liver and lymph.
Simple routines to do during the week at home will include advice on nutrition,
hydration, self-care and mini-treatments to enhance your cleansing experience.
Expect to be challenged through breath and movement, in a gentle and safe
environment. Come prepared to experience deep relaxation and feel completely
re-energized. Cleansing should be done on a regular basis, and once you learn
the basics, you can create a home program for yourself at various times during
the year.
Notes and a Meditation cd will be provided to practice with at home.
Date: April 10th – May 29th – (7 weeks -no class April 17th)
Time: 7:30 – 9:30pm
Where: St. Columba by the Lake, 11 Rodney Ave. Pte. Claire
Price: $160 (cash or cheque – payable on the first night)
We will focus on three distinct areas:
1. Breath – is the very sustenance of life and the quickest way to change and
balance the chemistry in your brain and body. Breath and breathing techniques
have been used in all cultures for centuries to cleanse and vitalize the body,
regain health and combat fatigue – not to mention reaching higher states of
consciousness and spirituality. Most people, when stressed, typically default to
upper chest and reversed breathing patterns, which contribute greatly to
diminished performance, long-term fatigue, poor health and muscular imbalance.
Increasing your awareness of how you breathe is the first step – then we will use
conscious breathing techniques to optimize and help correct habitual, harmful
patterns. In time, optimal breathing will become second nature and each breath
will feel fulfilling, energizing and calming to the whole body.
2. Movement – Discomfort, pain and limited range of motion are caused by
muscular tightness, imbalance and faulty movement patterns. Our focus during
the Spring Cleanse will be to use mindful movement exercises to free chronic
tightness in the chest, which in turn will promote proper range of motion and
articulation in the spine, shoulder and pelvis. We will use the ancient arts of
Yoga and Chi Kung to work with breath, physical structure, soft-tissue and the
energy body. Say ‘goodbye’ to chronic pain in the back, shoulder and neck – and
learn how to move freely with your whole body, naturally, with little effort, with
ease, grace and an overall feeling of well-being…all the time!
3. Meditation – is the practice of non-judgmental and non-reactive focus on
what is going on inside your mind and body. Meditation effectively quiets the
ongoing background noise that undermines enjoyment of life and drains your
energy. During meditation, the brain makes a lot more of the pleasurable brain
chemicals that make you feel creative, vibrant and happy! As you continue to
practice, your focus will move from fear, anxiety and mental chatter, to feeling
rooted and grounded, calm, alert, and ready to create and experience life fully.
During the Spring Cleanse, each week we will focus on one of the major chakras
(energy centers along our spine) to help clear, release, balance and revitalize
that chakra and the supporting organs and systems around it.

Rukhshana Surty – Body-Mind Therapist and Teacher – Breath, Movement,
Massage and Meditation – Owner of Harmoni Holistic Health in the West Island
with a thriving private practice where she has worked with massage, energywork,
meditation and breathwork to help liberate the body back to wholeness.
Rukhshana’s passions include longevity research and staying healthy, vibrant
and glowing while sharing her findings in feel-good classes and retreats.

To Register: 514-695-9025 OR email: rukhshana151@gmail.com