Harvesting Our Garden


Challenges and Celebrations

This year 6 families benefited from the raised garden beds growing a multitude of produce including tomatoes, potatoes, herbs and even figs! The remaining raised beds were planted in conjunction with our large church garden.

Our greatest challenge has been damage from the growing local rabbit population, who were responsible for decimating the first crop of beans and greens. Next year we will have to install a chicken wire barrier around the entire bed.

A hastily planted second crop has been producing well and the majority of the harvest has been donated to Corbeille de Pain for their Solidarity and Neighbourhood Markets. These markets operate according to the “pay what you can” formula. At the market, all prices are suggested. This means shoppers who may need to pay a bit less, can, and those that can pay more, can round up their bill. Shoppers who pay more than the suggested price create a balance so their neighbour can pay less.

These non-profit markets aim to increase physical and economic access to fresh fruits and vegetables inthe neighborhood.