Food Ministry Coordinator

Recently St. Columba hired Nadia Prevost as Food Ministry Coordinator. Her main task is to develop and put into operation a “ministry of food” at St. Columba. This ministry will offer opportunities for people to prepare and eat food together and through it grow a sense of community and belonging, both to one another and to God. The purpose is to help the church better serve the community in which it is situated. For St. Columba’s vision for its food ministry, click here:


  • to develop St. Columba’s ministry of hospitality through the medium of food
  • to reach out to people in our community who hunger for life in all its fullness
  • to provide a non-threatening environment in which spirituality can be explored
  • to understand better the place of food within our lives of faith
  • to connect with others in the community who are exploring the importance of food