Action Réfugiés Montréal

Action Réfugiés Montréal is . . .

a non-profit, faith-inspired organization that seeks justice for refugees. Our work is carried out in the spirit of Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that states “Everyone has the right to seek and to enjoy in other countries asylum from persecution.”

Since we were founded in 1994, ARM has helped 2000 refugees find the safety they seek and go on to contribute to Canadian society. More than 70% of the overseas refugees we have sponsored have been accepted by Canada.

Support from Anglican and Presbyterian Churches

ARM counts among our main supporters the Anglican Diocese of Montreal and The Presbyterian Church in Canada (via the Montreal Presbytery). Together with them, we believe that if the church is not protecting the most vulnerable people in the world, it is not living its mission.

Helping Refugees find a Community

The refugee experience is one of exile and loss. When people are forced to flee their country, they lose home, community and often family. ARM’s three programs help refugees claim their right to asylum and rebuild lives in their new community.

Support from the Community

ARM relies on the expertise and commitment both of our small staff, and of the wider Montreal community. Since 1994 we have matched 200 refugee women with Montreal volunteers who help them adjust to life in Canada. ARM staff and volunteers have visited thousands of refugee claimants held in detention, assisted in many sponsorship cases and intervened in dozens of policy issues. (more)