Children and Worship

Each week at St. Columba we look forward to worshiping God with the kids in our awesome adventure center. We celebrate the wonderful diversity of our community gathered as one body.The littlest angel

At the Kids Awesome Adventure Center everyone is welcome. Kids who are nursery age have their own play room , and kids who are 4 – 12 years old meet together every Sunday and experience a rotation of centers where they learn and get first hand experience about issues of faith. Older kids have their active teens group and they hold different leadership responsibilities around the church.

At St. Columba we value innovation and creativity. We moved away from the old model of church school to a new method of learning which enhances the Kids multiple intelligences and meets their different needs. Every Sunday, kids gather in a colorful tent for worship and story time. Later, they move on to different centers such as drama, arts, science, movie, kitchen, and others that enable them to experience the biblical story from different angles. They also have lots of special activity Sundays where they prepare for celebrations around the church year such as Christmas and Easter.

Summer camp and the Christmas Drama are some of the highlights each year. We invite you to come and be part of these fun activites. Kids not only learn and grow in faith but also make friendships with new kids.

If you have any questions we would love to hear from you please Contact our Kids’ animator: Martina Tchipeff,