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Black Lives Matter

St. Columba Welcome Statement

Black Lives Matter

St. Columba by-the-Lake Presbyterian Church affirms that Black Lives Matter. We are all lovingly made in the image of God, and the one we follow, Jesus, always spoke up and advocated for the most vulnerable.
We commit ourselves to listening more and to understanding better, so that together we can take action as we follow in the footsteps of Jesus. It is only by coming together will we create a world that is welcoming to all God’s people.

St. Columba’s Welcome Statement

We are called to love, respect and value God’s world
     and all the people who inhabit it.
Our community is strengthened and enriched
     by the full inclusion of people of all ages, races, abilities,
          sexual orientations, gender identities, spiritual perspectives,
               and socioeconomic backgrounds.
Everyone is invited to travel with us
     as we each explore our journeys of faith,
          whether the path is clear or winding, easy or exhausting,
               or sometimes just feels like it is going round in circles.
Together, we work to make our community one
     where God’s love is truly known.